Marina Services
and Pricing

      The Sakonnet Point Marina float system was designed and manufactured by Sullivan Floatation Systems. Our floats are engineered for strength, stability, and good looks. They have a 20" freeboard which makes boarding your boat very easy. The decking on our floats is IPE, a Brazilian hardwood, that closely resembles teak. They not only look great but are built well too.
      The combination of our floats and experienced staff will make your landing at Sakonnet pleasant and uneventful.

Seasonal dockage

      Our seasonal dockage runs from May 1st to October 31st. Please call our office at (401) 635-4753 for availability. We offer 25', 30', and 40' slips. We also offer monthly dockage rates subject to slip availability.
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Guest dockage

      Overnight dockage is $4.00 per foot per night. Electric service fees per night are as follows: Single 30 amp $15, Double 30 amp $20, Single 50 amp $25, and Double 50 amp $30.
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Slips For Sale

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      We offer gas which is delivered by truck on Friday at 8:30am. Diesel is available on Monday and Thursday at 3:00pm. Goulart Petroleum accepts cash, check, Mastercard and Visa. They can be reached at (401) 635-4530.


      We offer daily transportation to the Young Family Farm, Gleeson's Wine and Spirit, and Wilbur's General Store.


Marina Policies

Pets on deck:
      While we welcome yachtsmen with pets please do not let them run loose because the marina owns no land surrounding it. Access and egress is via easements on property owned by others. Please be respectful and clean up after your pet.

Swimming is prohibited in the marina for safety reasons. The beach on the south side of the Town Dock offers a protected swimming area. Our guests are entitled to passes to a nereby private beach that is within walking distance from the marina.


Grilling / BBQ's:
      Because our floats are constructed of wood the state fire marshal prohibits any open flames on board vessels or the floats. This includes propane, charcoal briquettes, and electric grilles. Because the land at the top of the ramps is owned by others grilling is not allowed there either.


Manager's Note

Spring 2016

Dear Yachtsmen,
     Currently we are in a lull period after Memorial Day weekend but before the onslaught of the Summer season which will start around June 30th. Today is a gloomy early June day with an occasional heavy downpour of rain which we are now experiencing. Not a great day for boating but perfect time to create this letter.

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