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Getting Here

From the west

      At R "2" Q R WHIS south of Brenton Reef, it's a straight shot east –northeast for about 5.5 miles to G "1" BELL off Cormorant Reef. Keep south of this buoy. Then, head another 1.4 miles to R "2A" Bell at the entrance to the Sakonnet River. From here, it's just under a mile to the northeast to Fl R 4s 34 ft 8M "2" at the entrance to Sakonnet Harbor.

view chart of the harbor

From the east

      Stay at least 1 mile offshore here, and make a course for GR C at Elisha Ledge. Rounding this buoy to either side, it's about 1.6 miles west to R "2" Bell marking Schuyler Ledge, 1 mile south of Sakonnet Point. Stay to the south of R "2" Bell as you head west.
Pass the R "2" Bell by about a mile, keeping a mile offshore to avoid the rocks and fish traps. (Please note the legend on your chart for the areas around Newport and Sakonnet that mark the areas where fish traps are located) There are two privately maintained Y Fl Y 2.5s markers west of West Island and about a half mile apart. These identify fish traps that are fished until about mid-June….keep them to the east. Then, turn northwest toward R "2A" Bell.
      Both West and East Island are uninhabited; keep a safe distance. From R "2A" Bell, it's another mile to Fl R 4s 34 ft 8M "2" on the north end of the breakwater at Sakonnet Harbor.

view chart of the harbor